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20161028 170708 by RianCranford 20161028 170708 :iconriancranford:RianCranford 5 0
The One That Got Away (2/3)
Author's Notes: For those waiting for this, sorry for the delay. I had to proofread this like... Several times? Yet, I'm still not confident if I got this right.
Disclaimer: I do not Haikyuu!!. Credits go to the rightful owners.
Translations: The Japanese words used in this chapter are as follows:
Hai - Yes
Sou yo - Yes
I-ie! Sou ja nakute - No! That's not it/You got it all wrong!
Tou-chan - Father/Dad
Ohayou - Good morning
Sayonara - Good bye
The One That Got Away 2 of 3
First Week of School; Sugawara and Daichi are third years
Third Person Point of View

On her way inside the main school building, the megane beauty of the Men’s Volleyball Club turned her heels around when a certain ashen haired setter called her name. Turning around with a sealed box on her hands, she was met by Sugawara Koushi.
“Did he ask you to prepare one?”
“Hai.” Sh
:iconriancranford:RianCranford 10 3
Mature content
A Trip to Remember :iconriancranford:RianCranford 6 7
The Sweet Festival
o ----- o ----- o June 2010 a.t.b. Somewhere in Japan o ----- o ----- o
“Nii-chan! Hurry up!”
“Can you wait for a little while?”
“But it’ll end already!”
Hearing the cold remark of her older brother, the young girl stopped in her tracks. Turning around, she glared at her brother with her arms folded and a pout on her face, her cheeks puffed.
“Meanie!” A hearty laugh escaped from the brother’s lips.
He finally got close enough to gently ruffle the young girl’s black hair, faintly hearing a purr in the process.
“Come on. There are a few steps left. You wanted to see it, right?” The young girl’s golden orbs then glistened in excitement as she continued on threading towards the summit of the mountain the siblings are at. Using the concrete staircases, the young girl hurried herself to the top, constantly turning around to see her less energetic brother, who, in return, just continue
:iconriancranford:RianCranford 1 0
Mature content
A Trip to Forget :iconriancranford:RianCranford 4 1
Cliffside @ Mararison by RianCranford Cliffside @ Mararison :iconriancranford:RianCranford 2 0
The One That Got Away (1/3)
Author's Note: As a tribute to Nishinoya Yuu-senpai, I was planning on having a one-shot only. But, due to some... unexpected waterfall of ideas, this ended up as a three-part story. Although, depending on the result of this installment would be the release of the second and third parts. And just so we're clear, this is an xMale!Reader story.  :)
Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu!! nor you. You belong to yourself, and Haikyuu!! belongs to Furudate Haruichi-sensei.
Translations: There are some words below that might not be understood by most people:
Sumimasendeshita - I'm so sorry.
Hai - Yes
Saa - Well then. (Well, technically, it's the thought.)
Gomen (Gomenasai) - Sorry.
If there are some concerns regarding this, do comment or mail me.
The One That Got Away 1 of 3
Have you ever wondered why Nishinoya Yuu was fixated on not returning to the Karasuno Men’s Volleyball Club?
Was it because of Azumane
:iconriancranford:RianCranford 17 8
Isshiki Satoshi x Fem!OC: Filling the Void - C1

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I don't own Shokugeki no Souma. The creators of the manga/anime do.
Hello, this is my first Character x female OC fan fiction. I hope you like it. If there are any problems with the content (grammar, spelling, etc.), please do message me. I'll be willing to comply as much as I can.
Also, this fan fiction is best read after reading Chapter 147 of the manga... If not, expect some spoilers.

Winning back their rights to stay in the Polar Star Dormitory and preventing the building from getting demolished, the residents of the self-sustaining dormitory of Tootsuki Culinary Academy rejoiced by holding a banquet. Every one of the residents cooked one or two of their specialty dishes to celebrate their victory on the recently concluded Shokugeki against the current Ninth Seat, Etsuya Eizan.
Several friends of the tenants came to the area and enjoyed the party together with the nine student-residents, one freeloader, and the mother-figure of the dorm. The Aldini twins sha
:iconriancranford:RianCranford 3 0
Rian and Incheon by RianCranford Rian and Incheon :iconriancranford:RianCranford 0 0


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My write-ups are either not that good or not fit within my own set of standards so, don't be shocked if I have little to no submissions in here even though I've been a deviant for at least a year already...

I'd rather read those stories that make my feels cry in the corner, my lungs hurt from so much laughter, or my soul jump in great joy... XD XD

Though, I've watched a lot of anime when I was a kid, like...


Mirumo de Pon

Shakugan no Shana

Meitantei Conan

One Piece Sanji

Yet... my MOST FAVOURITE of them all is...

Code Geass



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